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Your Rights

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The Philosophy of Liberty

To understand the Philosophy of Liberty, is to see why individual freedom is essential to the rightful organization of society, itself.

The Worker’s Rights Manifesto

You and I, as a workers, have certain rights that are naturally ours, and that nobody should be allowed to violate. These rights are choices we are free to make, unless the powerful try to steal them.

How to Get Out of Jury Duty…and be a hero for it, instead of a “bad citizen”!

That’s right; there’s a very simple, legal, honorable way to be free of jury duty.

Is Conscription Slavery?

The Draft, or mandatory national service, forces you to work for others, even to sacrifice your life for them…is that not slavery?

Philosophy of Liberty | Worker’s Rights | Get Out of Jury Duty | Is Conscription Slavery?


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