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True Health Care Reform

Medical Savings Accounts, Tort Reform, Deregulation, Patient Choice, Fighting Fraud, ending the government mandate for HMOs. These are true reforms, unlike anything proposed by the corrupt politicians in Congress or the White House.

Surrender or die...it's for your own goodWhy You Can’t Trust Your Government

Some Americans tend to grow angry if you express distrust in the US government…but the Founders were correct in their distrust, and our history includes a list of officially acknowledged betrayals of the public trust. Here are a few of the worst.

Fear Equals FundingFear Equals Funding

Many government officials believe that the best way to get money or power, is to terrify you. Some actually use a phrase to describe this to each other: Fear Equals Funding.

Here is a partial list of examples.


True Health Care Reform


Why You Can’t Trust Your Government


Fear Equals Funding


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