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The Culture of Safety Does More Harm Than Good

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[The Culture of Safety Causes More Harm than Good]

[Stop Blaming Capitalism, for Socialism’s Failures]

[Going Green is Bad for the Environment]



The increasing obsession with safety in the US has the opposite effect of the one intended. As with a mother determined to keep her child from all pain, the actual result is greater danger, more harm, and less actual living and happiness.

  • Avoiding germs gives you a weak immune system
  • Mandatory safety standards often cost lives
  • The FDA’s years-long approval process dooms terminal children
  • They need to suspend our rights…in order to fight for LIBERTY in the war on terror?

Let’s start with something even the caution-mongers can understand:

Avoiding risks can actually be physically dangerous. SOME exposure to risk prevents atrophy, giving the mind or body the opportunity to learn how to care for itself.

And then something the fear-freaks can never understand:

Life without risk ends up being barely worth living. Take away the freedom to choose what risks to take, and you take away the liberty to choose how much life to enjoy.

YOU may not want to do X, because it’s scary for you, but other people may find it worth the risk.

And that is their right.

Exposure to Germs is Good for You:

Watch that Food Detectives show, and you find the obsessive-compulsive host’s every second segment is about how much bacteria there is in some activity, which must therefore be avoided…but he’s the problem, not the solution.

Gun-Free Zones CAUSE School Shootings

Mass shootings, in general, only occur with any success in places where the potential victims are banned from carrying guns. The few times such a shooting has started where concealed carry was legal, the shooter was quickly stopped.


WARNING: No Risks Allowed

Even Moderately Frequent Hand-Washing Increases the Risk of Dermatitis

That’s right, the frequent hand washing the germophobes and cootie-paranoids urge you to undergo not only weakens your immune system, but it actually harms your skin.

In fact, scrubbing in general is harmful for skin, especially the famous “exfoliation”. Upon finding out that our bodies are covered with dead skin cells, some people developed a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder about removing them, even though they are the essential protection designed for our entire body.

Don’t tell them that all hair is dead, or they’ll be telling us to shave our heads, too.


Protecting Wall Street with Bailouts Causes More Crashes:

Unhealthy safety doesn’t stop at our immune systems. Safe economies are stagnant, unstable economies.

Always Wearing Sunblock Promotes Skin Cancer:

That’s right: Normal, unprotected exposure to sunlight gives you a /healthy/ tan, of the type that protects your skin from the burns that actually cause skin cancer. If you don’t get a tan, your pale skin will eventually get sunburned on accident. It’s the burn, not the tan, that harms your skin.

The FDA Kills

If you are dying of a disease like cancer, and no approved treatment can help, but there is a new treatment that might save your life, the FDA will let you die, rather than allow you to try it…to keep you “safe” from possible harmful side-effects.

“Dangerous” Playgrounds Help Kids Learn

The very games and play that are errantly called “risky” allow mental, as well as physical, development a child otherwise may miss.

No Excessive Fun

Big Brother and the Nanny State

They that would give up essential liberty for a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
– Benjamin Franklin

One of the most dangerous of the Culture of Safety obsessions is when we surrender our liberty for the promise of a little safety.

The calls, by neocons and their ilk, for the “temporary” suspension of our rights so that the government could “protect” us from terrorism by spying on us, for example.


Safe Play Makes Kids Fat:

This one is self-explanatory, and obvious once you think of it. Not only does play in uncontrolled conditions allow for more physical fitness, but it also increases skills that will allow the child to AVOID accidents, in the future.

Too Much Safety KILLS:

Forcing parents to use safety seats on planes, for example, could represent an 80% increase in fatalities.

Outward Bound is Crippled with Safety

The famous youth adventure program is so hamstrung with safety precautions, that it teaches children less, leaving them worse-equipped to deal with the rest of ther lives


The Culture of Safety Causes More Harm than Good


Stop Blaming Capitalism, for Socialism’s Failures


Going Green is Bad for the Environment



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