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True Health Care Reform

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True Health Care Reform | Why You Can’t Trust Your GovernmentFear Equals Funding

Instead of trying to ram a pork-filled omnibus bill down our throats, that is mostly stuff nobody agrees on, or that everyone actually opposes, Congress should be passing, individually, these healthy reforms.


  • OVERINSURANCE: Government pushing full coverage on patients has turned them from consumers into victims of bureaucratic health insurance companies that are little more than extensions of a nanny government.
  • RUNAWAY LAWSUITS: not simply costing billions of dollars per year directly, but squandering hundreds of billions more in crazy health provider insurance costs passed on to consumers, and bad practices that avoid liability.
  • REGULATORY CHAINS: Law after law restricting patient choice, although often disguised as if on providers, that strip away consumer control.
  • ILLEGAL TREATMENTS: The FDA functions not as an advisor as to what’s safe, but the Gatekeeper of Life, banning ALL treatments and drugs until approved, costing thousands, sometimes millions, of lives per year. (read less)
  • CORRUPTION: The existing socialized medicine systems cost us over EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS every year, just in fraud alone, and perhaps even more in other waste and inefficiency. For every ten tax dollars you’re forced to surrender to these programs, perhaps more than two dollars are completely wasted.
  • ACTUAL DEATH PANELS: Thousands of people die every year because one part of health care is already socialized, and real-life death panels decide who deserves to live, by rationing organ transplants, in part, BASED ON YOUR LIFESTYLE. If you are old, you are lower on the list…if you do things they don’t like, you are lower on the list.
  • HMOs: Strange people try to blame HMOs on the free market, but in fact capitalism had rejected the HMO as a concept when, in 1973, that industry succeeded in bribing Congress to FORCE them on employers and consumers, with the Health Maintenance Organization Act. People are suffering bad HMO service because of government/socialism.


To address the causes of our current crisis, like:

  • MEDICAL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: Restore control of our own money, by freeing us to choose Medical Savings Accounts instead of a middleman like a full-coverage insurance company, HMO, or government agency. Cheap catastrophic insurance protects us from truly unexpected accident/disease costs and we can roll over any money we save into retirement accounts.
  • TRUE TORT REFORM: Loser pays and other prevention of money-seeking lawsuits where people just take a shot and see what they get. Restriction of ridiculous Class Action lawsuits, which become cash cows for greedy lawyers and people who aren’t really injured and never would have complained if they didn’t have a chance to grub some free money.
  • DEREGULATION: Too many regulations keeping us patients from having the consumer choice that would make health care providers respond to our needs.
  • PATIENT CHOICE: Restore the FDA to its original role as an advisor, giving its seal of approval to proven treatments, instead of a police state entity that bans any treatment that people might otherwise have chosen, until it says otherwise.
  • MAKE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE: While it is impossible to make any government entity work as efficiently as the private sector could, until the existing socialization can be replaced with something that works, we can at least fight to reduce the $72,000,000,000 (that’s seventy billion) in Medicare fraud, and other government waste, rather than squandering even more on such systems.
  • LEGALIZE PAID ORGAN TRANSPLANTS: People should be free to choose to pay. More people would sign a donor card if they knew it could be a life insurance policy for their family. More would donate kidneys while alive, too.
  • END THE HMO MANDATE: Get rid of the laws forcing HMOs on employers and employees. Let this ugly health care failure wither and die on its own.


True reform of the health care system involves returning more power to the hands of the consumer, not stripping away what little is left.

  • FALLING PRICES and increased response to our needs, as medical savings accounts let us control our health care spending.
  • RESPONSIBLE DOCTORS become able to take charge of treating us right, again, as their lives don’t center around avoiding lawsuits and justifying treatments with middlemen like insurance agencies and bureaucrats.
  • RESPONSIVE PROVIDERS: We become free to regulate ourselves, instead of depending on government regulations that end up producing, in American health care, the same shortages and low quality that happened when the Soviets did the same thing with shoes and cars.
  • SAVED LIVES: A man with three months to live will not have a life-saving treatment withheld until it’s determined whether it might give him cancer in a decade. With people free to choose either approved treatments, or experimental ones, medical science will advance faster, saving millions.
  • REDUCED WASTE: There may be no single more obvious source of high health care costs in the US than government waste through fraud and inefficiency. Imagine the impact of reducing this, instead of growing it even more.
  • A NEW LEASE ON LIFE: Anyone can donate a kidney safely, while alive…yet 70,000+ people are on a TEN YEAR waiting list for a kidney. More people die on the list, than receive one. With one small change in a socialist law, they can finally live normal, healthy lives.

What we don’t need is more corrupt politicians pimping gigantic bills stuffed with pork, on ANY issue.


True Health Care Reform


Why You Can’t Trust Your Government


Fear Equals Funding


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