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New Page: The Culture of Safety Does More Harm than Good


But Now You Know has a new permanent page, a useful list of many ways in which today’s worry about safety is actually dangerous.

The increasing obsession with safety in the US has the opposite effect of the one intended. As with a mother determined to keep her child from all pain, the actual result is greater danger, more harm, and less actual living and happiness.

  • Avoiding germs gives you a weak immune system
  • Mandatory safety standards often cost lives
  • The FDA’s years-long approval process dooms terminal children
  • They need to suspend our rights…in order to fight for LIBERTY in the war on terror?

Let’s start with something even the caution-mongers can understand:

Avoiding risks can actually be physically dangerous. SOME exposure to risk prevents atrophy, giving the mind or body the opportunity to learn how to care for itself.

And then something the fear-freaks can never understand:

Life without risk ends up being barely worth living. Take away the freedom to choose what risks to take, and you take away the liberty to choose how much life to enjoy.

YOU may not want to do X, because it’s scary for you, but other people may find it worth the risk.

Issues explained and carefully footnoted on the page include:

  • Exposure to Germs is Good for You
  • Gun-Free Zones CAUSE School Shootings
  • Even Moderately Frequent Hand-Washing Increases the Risk of Dermatitis
  • Protecting Wall Street with Bailouts Causes More Crashes:
  • Always Wearing Sunblock Promotes Skin Cancer
  • The FDA Kills
  • “Dangerous” Playgrounds Help Kids Learn
  • Big Brother and the Nanny State
  • Safe Play Makes Kids Fat
  • Too Much Safety KILLS
  • Outward Bound is Crippled with Safety

Read the actual page, here.


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Beware the Coming [insert non-threat] Pandemic!!!

You can insert Bird Flu, and it's still 100%.

As you know, we’re all preparing for the devastating Swine Flu epidemic, which has reached our shores and infected eighty-something people.

It is destined to be the latest pandemic, taking its place alongside the millions of deaths America suffered during the BIRD Flu epidemic, West Nile epidemic, SARS epidemic, Mad Cow Disease…the list goes on, all of them heirs to the mass death of the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.

And they all have this subtle trait in common:

They turned out to be sheer nonsense.

Nobody in the US has been killed by Bird Flu. Only already-sickly people in third-world countries like China, where a common cold can kill you, too.

A few Americans have actually died from West Nile, but only 1/10th the number who died from swimming pools, far less than 1/100th of the number who died from the common hospital infection, staph, in the same period.

Even in third world countries, SARS has a mortality rate of less than 10%. In the US, its mortality rate is ZERO.

And the same is true of Swine Flu. At the time of this writing, 80+ Americans have gotten it, and NONE have died. The normal flu is more dangerous.

And, of course, they can’t prove anyone’s ever really even GOTTEN mad cow, much less died from it.

For decades, people have been claiming to recognize what the next big 1918 Flu Pandemic heir will be.

But they always have to refer back to 1918, because 91 years ago is the last time it happened.


Because medical technology is so advanced that it’s not likely to EVER happen again.

In 1918, most of the ideas and techniques now ingrained in medicine were in their infancy. It was, really, the last good opportunity for a big pandemic to happen. Now, it’s too late.

So why do we keep hearing that the Next Big Epidemic is coming?

The same reason we keep hearing that we’re in imminent danger from asteroids and global warming:

Fear Equals Funding.

Because of budget-padding witch doctors at places like the CDC and NIH.

See, those guys have EXACTLY the same motivations as a tobacco scientist; Money.

Except that they have an even worse dependency upon money than a tobacco scientist. They have a budget that depends almost purely on fear.

DC bureaucrats actually use the phrase Fear Equals Funding, when discussing why they make things they know to be unlikely or harmless sound like doomsday.

Do a quick search for “CDC budget request” or “NIH budget request” on Google. You get results like this fearmongering from the Director of NIH, asking for more money for the next budget:

New threats and diseases constantly emerge. For example, soldiers suffering from blast injury highlight the importance of additional knowledge on traumatic brain injuries. Infectious diseases remain among the leading causes of death worldwide. More than 30 newly recognized infectious diseases and syndromes emerged in the last three decades alone, including HIV/AIDS and SARS. Infectious diseases that once seemed to be fading, such as tuberculosis and malaria, have resurged. New drug-resistant forms of once-easily treated microbial infections are emerging at a rapid pace. New strains of influenza occur each year. There is concern that a new influenza virus may emerge with the capacity for sustained human-to-human transmission, possibly triggering a pandemic similar to what occurred in 1918, 1957, and 1968.

Doom and gloom fearmongering. He is STILL robbing the taxpayer with the SARS bogeyman, years after Southpark mocked its irrelevantly low mortality rate: 

Stanley, listen to me. I have SARS. There’s only a ninety-eight percent chance that I will live.

Likewise, you can find the CDC terrorizing the public with threats of “avian flu”, even though it’s caused ZERO deaths:

“Concerns that avian influenza (H5N1) could become the next influenza pandemic”

They also emit girlish shrieks about SARS and West Nile, in the same budget request.

The Swine Flu panic is not about saving people from imminent death, but about greed.

NIH/CDC official = Tobacco Scientist

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