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Thank Ron Paul, He Blew Up Congress

Remember, remember, the 2nd of November, when Ron Paul took back the House, as the next step in the movement that exploded on Guy Fawkes Day, 2007.

With all the hubbub about this election, there hasn’t been enough talk about how it happened:

How Ron Paul Restored Republican Principles (and/or Power)

Remember, the Republicans were stripped of power by the very same voters, just four years ago. What changed isn’t trust in that party’s old guard leadership, but the restoration of that party’s roots by the TEA Party.

The reason they’re getting it back started three years ago today, when Ron Paul stunned the political world with the massive success of the Money Bomb his grass-roots supporters spontaneously organized.

The Money Bomb

In a single day, these TEA Party predecessors raised $4,700,000 dollars for Ron Paul…more than any other Republican candidate. They chose Guy Fawke’s Day to symbolically represent how Ron Paul was to metaphorically blow up the corrupt, establishment government…probably inspired in part by the movie V, where the hero re-enacts that historic event in his fight against a repressive, tyrannical government.

This brought the liberty movement of Ron Paul to the attention of the “mainstream”, touching off a snowball of support for his campaign that, while not getting him nominated against the will of the establishment Republicans in Name Only (RiNOs), left him with a huge “war chest” after the primaries were over. He used this money to found the Campaign for Liberty, supporting the general liberty movement he had empowered.

Taxed Enough, Already

During his campaign, even before the Money Bomb, supporters started referring to their rallies as “Tea Parties”, some creating the backronym “Taxed Enough Already” to refer to their libertarian economic theme.

By 2009, these TEA Parties, with the support of Ron Paul-supporting groups like Young Americans for Liberty and his own Campaign for Liberty, had taken on a life of their own. As you know, that grew into the movement that people rallied around, and when that movement chose Ron Paul’s party for its candidates, the Republicans finally had an opportunity to return their party to its libertarian base.

They started as a fight against Democratic talk of raising taxes, fighting bailouts and “stimulus” spending, but got their greatest momentum fighting the socialized health care bill, which Ron Paul had opposed even back in 2003 when the Republicans were pushing socialized medicine.

Will It Stay True?

In 2010, of course, the neocons and other RiNOs saw the success of Paul’s movement, and started trying to hijack the TEA Party. They attempted to insert divisive social issues, like anti-Muslim fearmongering and hate, promotion of the drug war, et cetera…but it has not worked: This election was about the economy, smaller government, and other libertarian ideas that the Republican leadership has been forced to parrot, although their history is of doing even more harm to that cause than the Democrats.

The Tea Party movement started with Ron Paul, who is recognized even by his opponents as the most principled, honest man in Congress. It has overcome attacks by Big Government advocates on the “Right”, supposed leaders of the Republican Party and others, but has not lost its way, and almost singlehandedly won this election (except for help by the Democrats, in their own self-destruction).

Hopefully, it can continue to police the Republican party to stick to its base’s principles…or, almost everyone outside the Political Class agrees, the Republicans will have blown their last chance, and TEA will take its party elsewhere.


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  1. […] The T.E.A. Party is correct: We are Taxed Enough, Already. […]

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    Over 90 percent of Floridians stated that they would not vote for the career and incumbent politicians, thus it is obvious that the 98 percent of the total votes being attributed to the three career and incumbent U. S. Senate candidates are grossly fraudulent because the 14 other candidates running for the Florida U. S. Senate received more than two percent of the votes. It is obvious the votes were not counted or are just outright fraudulent. This fraudulent activity is designed to suppress the votes received by candidates such as Dr. Belinda Noah so that such candidates will not win their respective elections and also so they will not receive the requisite 10% of the votes cast, because if any candidate receives 10% or more of the votes it is mandatory that they be invited to participate in all of the candidates’ debates! This must be investigated immediately. The state of Florida is no longer run by the people but is being controlled by outside forces who are determined by any means necessary to destroy the middle class of this state and the so-called “elections” only brings them closer to that goal. Because such fraudulent tactics have gone unchecked and are being condoned and promoted by some of the people elected to serve the people, Americans have become the laughing stock of the world and will remain so until and unless people like Dr. Belinda Noah are elected to Congress in large numbers.

    Comment by Dr. Belinda Noah, Attorney | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. OOOOps, it’s Remember, Remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawks day or Thanksgiving to the British since 1605.

    Comment by Dan | November 6, 2010 | Reply

    • In case it’s not clear, the day in the article isn’t wrong, it’s a “clever” reference. Note that, just a short bit later, I actually say it’s only three days less than three years later.

      Comment by kazvorpal | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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