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Why Universal Medicare Isn’t an Option

At one time, those advocating a “public option” were trying to claim it was not a socialized health care proposal like Medicaid/Medicare.

Now they’re actually proposing that this massive socialized bureaucracy be extended to cover all Americans.

Surgeon, chained by the nanny state The obvious question is, with a system that requires the whole of the nation to suffer a massive tax burden in order to cover only 14% of the population, where are we going to get the huge amount of money necessary to cover 100%? Especially when that system is already underfunded, in danger of going broke in only a few years.

Right now, most Americans pay more to FICA than they pay in income taxes.

What happens when you increase it to cover SEVEN TIMES as many people?

Are YOU ready to pay 700% as much in taxes, to cover universal Medicare?

This socialized system only works because it involves the productive part of America paying out the nose to support a tiny fraction of the population. Making it universal would be, quite literally, saying “I know how to make a pyramid scheme work: Put EVERYONE at the top of the pyramid, at  the same time!”

Why Would We Want To, Anyway?

That is aside from how bad, how harmful, Medicare already is to America, even when it only covers one seventh of Americans:

  • Fraud and Theft: Medicare is already fraught with fraud…it is thought that between sixty and seventy two billion dollars are stolen from the taxpayers via Medicare fraud, each year. That’s $72,000,000,000 every year. Imagine how much the fraud would balloon if the government had to police seven times as many people. The lost money would be comparable to the recent Stimulus/Bailout spending, but it would never end.
  • Too Expensive and Inefficient: Medicare is ALREADY expected to run out of money by 2017, becoming bankrupt even with its current users and tax burden. How are we going to expand it 700%?
  • Abysmal quality: Consumer and doctor dissatisfaction with Medicare is only surpassed by the similarly government-mandated HMO system.
  • Driving Costs: The ballooning cost of health care is consistently charted as having begun in the late sixties, right after the creation of Medicare. This system strips away consumer controls of prices…if the government took over the buying of your meals, the price of food would similarly go through the roof.
  • Tax the Poor: The wealthiest segment of Americans is the oldest. Americans tend to gain more wealth as they age. Yet the poorest segment of Americans are forced to pay in full for FICA, already. In effect, the poorest are being taxed for the richest.

Next time someone suggests that we should simply extend Medicare to cover everyone, because it’s working so well, ask him where we’ll get the two billion people necessary to fund extending that this fraud-ridden, insolvent, price-ballooning system to the 86% of Americans who now fund it for the rest.


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  1. About the image “Surgeon chained by the nanny state.”

    What a great image! We’d like to use it. Could you tell me about the usage rights?

    Comment by Dario | October 17, 2011 | Reply

    • All if my graphics are free to use, although I’d like it if you gave credit where credit is due, when it’s feasible.

      Comment by kazvorpal | October 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. I agree. I am an auto and home insurance agent. I compare this debate to auto insurance. What if someone came into my office and told me they wanted car insurance and that they were going to leave my office and go drive their car off a cliff and then file a claim to get paid for it? This is ridiculous, however this is what some are proposing. They think that if you have cancer or any other pre-existing condition that they should be able to get health insurance? It doesnt make sense. Any ways for cheap car insurance in Arizona, visit http://www.safestreetinsurance.com.

    Comment by Michael Overstreet | August 25, 2010 | Reply

  3. The funny thing is that “progressive” radio host (and broken window champion extraordinaire) Thom Hartmann said that this very idea (universal medicare) is the solution to the healthcare crisis. It’s so insane and illogical my brain hurts trying to comprehend it.

    Comment by Zach Bibeault | February 19, 2010 | Reply

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